open dialogue

DIRECTION: “A good practice in terms of exploitation/market deployment was the open approach of the partner responsible for the exploitation/replication activities. […] the approach has been so far very open to new initiatives/suggestions directly coming from the partners on the approach to adopt towards the market. Considering that many partner organizations represent the stakeholders’ targets of the project and the most important players in the value chain, they had an additional sensibility towards what is really interesting for the potential replicators of DIRECTION.” EASE: “To encourage the active involvement of project partners with respect to IPR issues very relevant for exploitation and market deployment strategy.” 3ENCULT:” Most of these partners had been involved in other EU-funded projects before, so that they were already familiar with the processes and were able to act independently in the exploitation of their results. In particular, each partner chose the best exploitation practices according to their needs, trying to match with the overall objectives of the project.”