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Real cities, real solutions, real impact

CITyFiED and fellow projects cluster together to extend their reach and impact in South & Eastern Europe

Four complementary projects chose to join forces during the ‘Smart Cities’ – Exhibition and Conference for South - East Europe, 11-13 March 2015, in Sofia, Bulgaria where CITyFiED, REMOURBAN, DIRECTION and R2CITIES hosted a common exhibition stand and shared their knowledge in the accompanying professional conference.

Between them, the projects represent 12 demonstration sites and 17 follower cities delivering tangible partnerships and achievements in large-scale renovation and replicable smart cities initiatives. This rich experience helped present a range of expertise to exhibition visitors and congress attendees - from cost-effective innovations creating the latest near zero-energy new buildings and retrofits to replicable strategies for smarter cities and citizen-driven urban regeneration.

CITyFiED was particularly well received thanks to its holistic, district approach and the possibility for municipalities and their appropriate agencies to become part of the ‘Community of Interest’.

In a panel session chaired by Krisztina Dely of the Covenant of Mayors, Ruben García Pajares, CARTIF, gave a presentation profiling nine case studies in financing from across the EU; while Miguel Ángel García, CARTIF, spoke about the methodology to evaluate residential districts renovation towards nearly Zero Energy Districts (nZED). We were pleased to welcome Ms Dely on the stand afterwards to discuss CITyFiED, fellow projects, energy transition in South East Europe and more.

Amongst the many discussions, the exhibition was a valuable opportunity to discover the region’s initiatives in energy efficiency and smart cities. All four projects came away with a greater understanding of the key stakeholders and their requirements – hopefully a solid basis for further replication and future partnerships.


18th March 2015