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Welcome to this second edition of the CITyFiED newsletter which comes as our project has been gathering significant momentum. The City Cluster is up and running, and since October we have been reaching out to other towns and cities across Europe in order to form a wider Community of Interest

Towards a systemic approach for smart cities: major works ahead as CITyFiED changes gear

A lively and productive working environment was the signature for the second CITyFiED project meeting held in Izmir and Soma, Turkey, 24-26 March

Relevant, pertinent, applicable – a pathway to replication and exploitation for CITyFiED

With such a wide range of expertise and activities generated by the project, exploitation leader, Aude Pélisson-Schecker and Valerie Bahr of Steinbeis Europa-Zentrum have been busy from day one. Beginning with a hands-on exploitation workshop at the first project meeting, the process of identifying and refining CITyFiED assets has been non-stop. 

Policy-makers, decision-makers and technical experts working together to support CITyFiED ambitions to make Europe smarter, faster

Moving activities to SOMA Electricity Generation & Trading Joint Stock Company (SEAŞ) premises and the demonstration site for day two, the CITyFiED consortium were delighted to be joined by Mr. Mario Dionisio of the European Commission and 19 city representatives from 15 cities and one region.  

Virtual models to make cities greener

Retrofitting districts with sustainable energy systems can be a success if enough data is available to analyse the suitability of each chosen energy-saving solution

Cities join forces to retrofit districts

All over Europe cities and towns strive to become climate smart. They revamp their energy districts, step-by-step, while looking across borders to learn from best practices.

District heating: Sweden is leading the way out of fossil fuels

By relying on district heating combined with heat and power production, municipalities in Sweden power their cities from renewable energy sources. 

In the spotlight: Demir Enerji

Demir Energy Consulting provides high quality project management and consultancy services in a wide set of innovation areas. 

In the spotlight: Istanbul Technical University

The Energy Institute at Istanbul Technical University is a university-based research and development organization in the broad area of energy science and engineering. 

In the Spotlight: Mir Unique Solutions


Mir Unique Solutions is a company of Mir Holding Group located in İstanbul (Turkey). The group develops and licenses technologies in various disciplines. 

In the Spotlight: Reengen

Reengen is a smart grid company that develops solutions for smarter buildings and smarter grid. 

Multiplying options, reducing risk, increasing impact

Accelerating delivery of smarter cities and districts to achieve our energy goals

Life at the coalface: CITyFiED consortium & cities visit to Soma demo site in Turkey

Nothing can replace the value and insight gained by a hands-on visit

Information about the demo sites now available in local languages

Local language mini-sites signify new high-value features on the project´s website

CITyFiED Visualization Solutions User Tests - Valladolid

Continuing with the development of ICT solutions oriented to support residents on energy consumption reduction, a series of user tests were conducted on February, 27th to validate the visualization solutions proposed during the design phase

Stakeholder meeting at the Soma demo site

A personal report from an organizer

MySmartCityDistrict: Torrelago and Linero open their doors

MySmartCityDistrict  is a collaboration among seven smart cities projects (R2CITIES, EU-GUGLE, ZenN, CITyFiED, SINFONIA, City-Zen and READY) involving 22 districts belonging to 21 cities from 12 different countries. 

Real cities, real solutions, real impact

CITyFiED and fellow projects cluster together to extend their reach and impact in South & Eastern Europe

What’s new on the social web?

Using the social web to raise awareness and increase the projects sphere of influence is a powerful asset in achieving replication.