CITyFiED Newsletter March 2019



The CITyFiED project is about to end after five years of sustained efforts towards inclusive and smart solutions for our towns and cities.

The project has been both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in that we set up a city cluster and community of interest spanning 55 cities while designing novel solutions to today's green urban challenges. And rewarding in that different nationalities, companies, organisations and people have been involved in this endeavour, all pulling in the same direction to produce impactful outcomes for citizens across Europe and beyond.

As we reach this last stage of CITyFiED, final conferences in the Laguna de Duero and Soma demo districts have been held to promote the methods, outcomes, benefits achieved at each site. The Lund final conference is taking place as we go to print.

Today, we can offer a wealth of information, insights and experience in various media formats to help others build on the project's legacy going forward. These include a best practice book, videos, in-depth reports, info packs and the project website.

It remains for me, as coordinator, to thank the multi-skilled CITyFiED team for keeping on track and delivering on the objectives we set out a few years ago. It has been a pleasure to work with such a diverse and committed team.

As a demonstration project whose overriding aim has always been replication through networks, it certainly don't stop here: I am sure CITyFiED will make a lasting contribution to technology and policy development in the Smart City arena. A big thank you to all those involved for making this happen.

With best wishes,

Ali Vasallo Belver

Project coordinator


District Heating 2.0

In the EU, the main use of energy by households is for heating their homes, and is therefore highly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions

Useful Steam - Heat Recovery

Report from Western Turkey where the city of Soma is taking a new approach to increase energy efficiency in a residential area.


CITyFiED Best Practice Book

Download this collection of inspiring stories from our cities. We hope this guide will help you navigate towards a smarter future.

CITyFiED: Final Brochure now released

Download our final brochure and learn about our technical results


Florence: Renaissance and smart future

The Italian city has recently become a model smart city by implementing a broad plan ranging from urban development to mobility and new tourism management.

Key ingredients for a smart urban district

Smart city expert Ali Vasallo Belver shares the lesson learnt from an innovative integrated retrofitting strategy across Europe

Twenty-two million smart homes in Europe: from science-fiction to reality

Energy-saving devices and ‘smart speakers’ are selling in record-breaking numbers, and driving hi-tech market development.

Waste heat from power plants hits home

District heating systems that use industrial waste are increasingly common, which helps the transition to a circular economy.

When citizen engagement makes the difference

An emblematic story comes from Valladolid, Spain, where “no, we can’t” has become “yes, we can”.


CITyFiED Final Conference in Laguna De Duero

On 12th March Spanish partners held the CITyFiED final conference in Laguna de Duero (Spain).

CITyFiED Torrelago district awarded as Best Collective Building

On 11 December CITyFiED got the award for its sustainable and inclusive activities with Torrelago tenants.

CITyFiED winner of the Smart 50 Awards

How The Project Transforms Three International Cities