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Rovereto, with 39,271 inhabitants, is a city located in southern Trentino Region, in the Vallagarina Valley, where Adige river flows. The town has an important industrial area, and bases its economy on tourism and manufacturing.

In the past, Rovereto was an important center for the manufacture of silk. 

Rovereto was an ancient fortress town standing at the frontier between Trento's bishopric (an independent state until 1797), and the republic of Venice.

In the last century Rovereto was between Austrian Tyrol and Italy.

The mainly sights are:

  • the mighty bell Maria Dolens, the second-largest swinging bell in the world after the St. Peter's Bell of the Cologne cathedral; 
  • the castle, built among 13th and 14th century, where war museum (Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra) is located;  
  • MART, the museum of modern and contemporary art, that offers temporary exhibitions, educational activities, and has a remarkable permanent collection. 
  • In the area named “Lavini di Marco”, footprints of dinosaurs have been found. 




Since the last five years Rovereto Municipality is looking for the possibility of improving the citizens life quality and the town itself, for example organizing a lot of public events, trying to reduce pollution, expanding the green areas of the city and creating new ones and so on.

Within this context Rovereto actively participated and still participates in some European projects, such as CoRes, STREETLIFE and IES Cities.

The last two are ongoing projects and in particular STREETLIFE aims to reduce carbon emissions through a sustainable mobility concept based on ICT, while IES Cities wants to promote a user centric and user provided mobile service that exploit open data and user-supplied data.

To reach these objectives the Municipality started an active collaboration with the citizens and a partnership with some associations and foundations, such as Fondazione Bruno Kessler and CAIRE.