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The Municipality of Chios occupies the entire island of Chios, located in Greece northeast in the Aegean Sea and next to the turkish coast

It is the fifth in size island of Greece with a surface area of 842.29 Km2. Chios has a population of approximately 51.320 inhabitants. The land of Chios is mostly mountainous, while there are flat and fertile parts especially at the Southern and Eastern sections of the island. The mountain range of Pelinaiο lies across the northern part of the island with a peak of 1.297 m. The total length of Chios coastline reaches 213 Km.  Chios has a mild temperate mediterranean climate.

Civil Administration and Structure

The Municipality of Chios was created, in its current form, from the merger of eight pre-existing municipalities, which constitute today the eight municipal units of Chios. It is based in the city of Chios and includes 5 municipal communities and 53 local units with their respective councils. It is governed by the Municipal Council, the Economic Committee, the Committee of Quality of Life, the Executive Committee and the Mayor.


Chios is served by one airport and two ports (Chios-central port and Mesta-port) and a satisfactory public road network.

Academic Institutions

The University of the Aegean Business School is based in Chios and consists of 3 departments (Dept. of Business Administration, Dept. of Shipping Trade & Transport, Dept. of Financial & Management Engineering). The Department of Engineering of the Merchant Marine Academy is also located in Chios.

Tourist Infrastructure

61 hotels (approximately 5150 beds), mostly 3-4 star and “rooms to let”, operate in Chios.

Historical overview

The first findings chronologically are placed in 3000 B.C. During 1100 B.C., the Ionians are said to have migrated to Chios island. The island was successively occupied by the Franks in 1204,  by the Genoese in 1936, by the Turks in 1566. On November 11, 1912, the island is liberated and becomes part of the Greek state.


Medieval Castles (Chios castle, Volissos, Armolia) and Watchtowers are preserved throughout the island. Byzantine churches and monasteries {Nea Moni (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Agios Minas, Moni Moundon, Panagia Krina and others} have great historical and architectural value. There are well maintained traditional medieval settlements (Pyrgi, Mesta, Olympoi, Vessa, Anavatos). Furthermore, the Mansions of Campos, houses mainly of the 18-19 century, with particular architecture, made by special stone and marble of Chios.

Energy efficiency plans and schemes

The Municipality of Chios aims and commits to increase energy efficiency by implementing an integrated development plan for energy renovation at schools, municipal buildings and urban renewal.  A “green” school complex has been completed this year, adopting energy efficiency directives and schemes. The goal is to implement this project for as many schools and buildings as possible. Additionally, a study is being conducted to replace the conventional heating boilers with air-water heat pumps.

A recycling project has been established in Chios. The citizens embraced the project and efforts are made to promote recycling more. Furthermore, the use of sustainable transport is starting to be adopted by several people

Increasing the use of renewable energy sources is of great importance for the municipality. Currently, 12% of the total electricity produced is coming from renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, a plan is being developed for updating the street conventional municipal lighting with the use of more energy efficient LED lighting.



Mr. Dimitris Karalis - Municipality of Chios
Deputy mayor for Local Economic Development and Tourism
Dimokratias 2, 82100 Chios
Tel. +30.2271350851
Mob. +306948079999

Mr. Markos Gerazounis - Municipality of Chios
Department of Planning, Development & Organisation
Oinopionos 1, 82100 Chios
Tel: +30 2271351621
Mob. +306932546046