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As a medium-sized town (91,000 inhabitants), Ludwigsburg is an important centre in the north of Stuttgart with intense regional links

It is part of the region of Stuttgart and the Stuttgart metropolitan region, one of the most urbanized regions in Europe with strong economic powers, a high quality of life and ongoing in-migration. It is home to 50 factories, 1200 craft-oriented and commercial companies and over 2000 wholesale and retail outlets. Accomodating a teachers' training college, the University of applied sciences and the only film academy of the state, Ludwigsburg is also a centre of education. The greatest and best-preserved baroque palace in Germany is also situated in Ludwigsburg. The city is said to be the cradle of Swabian poetry and in the past the kings of Württemberg resided here.

The City of Ludwigsburg started its intense urban development process in 2004 including an important process of participation. In a joint effort between administration, the municipal council and citizens, a vision of the future has been developed: the integrated city development concept, which is the basis for the further development of Ludwigsburg. They have not been specified as final solutions in any dogmatic way, but should be developed further as we go and, if necessary, modified.

Ludwigsburg developed a municipal energy and climate protection concept, based on an integrated urban development plan. The municipality was newly organized for this implementation; in particular the new Department for Sustainable Urban Development, assigned to the mayor, was created in 2008.


Ms. Sandra Bühler-Kölmel
Department of Sustainable Urban Developement, European and Energy Affairs
Phone: 07141/910- 30 83