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Maltepe - BoR Member

Maltepe is an important district of Istanbul established on an area of 54,2 square kilometers with 18 neighborhoods

It is the 10th largest district in Istanbul,located on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, İstanbul province and south-west of Kocaeli Peninsula. It is adjacent to Kadıköy, Kartal, Sancaktepe (Samandıra), Ümraniye (Sarıgazi), and Princes’Islands. A characteristic of Mediterranean climate is seen in the district. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are rainy and cool. Spring is cool and rainy, autumn is temperate and rainy. Large forestry field exists on north side of the region. Its surface area is 278 km2 and population is 471,059.   

Maltepe Municipality is one of the oldest municipalities in Istanbul that is founded under leadership of Veterinary Selahattin Narligil in 1928. Population has started to increase in 1970s due to connection of Asian and European side through the Bosporus Bridge. However,development in the region has been initiated after 1994 with the decentralization period.  Maltepe separated from Kartal and became a municipality and the actual development has been commenced after that period.

Maltepe Municipality has 7 universities, 43 primary schools, 4 vocational schools, 4 high schools, 17 private high schools, 4 Anatolian High Schools and 2 public education centers. Furthermore, Maltepe has the largest education center in Turkey. Marmara education town has a large campus offering education from kindergarten to PhD programs.  Having shown remarkable developments in health sector, the municipality has 4 hospitals, 10 health centers and approximately 15 nursing homes. With its 120-bed capacity, Mother Child Care Center offers services on family planning. Furthermore, orphanages, senior centers, center for disabled people and rehabilitation centers are also serving to the people. In terms of cultural area, our municipality has two culture centers and 1 sports center and a sport team of its own founded in 1923.

Maltepe Municipality is among the leading municipalities of Turkey that is working towards establishing a social democratic system that encourages the full and active participation of public in every stage of development.


Eren Yıldız