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Medina del Campo

Medina del Campo is a historic village of medium size, with a population of 21,000 inhabitants in one of the largest and most sparsely populated regions of the European Union, Castilla y León

Head of an eminently agricultural region where cereal production and Rueda’s wines stand out, the town is a service center with extensive commercial and catering offer, which requires the optimization of its historic and patrimonial resources, searching for uniqueness regarding their immediate environment.

The Sustainable Development Strategic Plan: Medina21, is the city planning tool. It establishes 30 priority projects every five years and it works in a collaborative way with the citizens, with the aim of improving the life quality in the town.

Current initiatives

Among the most significant projects that they have worked on related issues, emphasizes:

  • The creation of an open shopping centre in the historical and commercial city center, with specific actions for the business environment improvement and services in the city centre area.
  • The recovery of the municipality assets to assist its consideration as a cultural tourist destination and rural.
  • The creation of the Rueda’s Wine Route as a large wine tourism project.
  • The Medina del Campo’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
  • Creating events calendar and a participatory exhibition plan.
  • The start-up of the Historical Center’s Rehabilitation Area

Local challenges & issues

Improving attractively and functional, at the same time, the historic city center for both residents and visitors is one of the critical objective, recovering, rehabilitation and the use of the pending assets and assisting the occupation of the business premises, currently closed, promoting the creation of new economic activities bound to the tourism sector.

Increasing the Historic City Center’s range is basic, more for a city historically bound to trade fairs and for that reason the need to strengthen the permanent fairs and trade initiatives arise.

Medina 21 has been characterized by the processes of citizen participation and its working methods inherited from the European project CapaCity and promoted by ICLEI.

The results have been positive in this regard and therefore the need to continue working in this direction arises.

Transnational projects and affiliations

Our experience in European projects focuses on the CapaCity project organized by the European Commission with the ICLEI funding and which aimed the start-up of sustainable and participating employment plans in local environments.

On the other hand, we have released several Leonardo da Vinci projects to stay in EU countries for people who were in the self-employment and trade area.

On the other hand we have participated in Leonardo pilot training projects as a partner.

Finally, in 2015 we collaborated on an Erasmus + led by a local association for the processes’ study of Medina 21’s citizen participation.


Mr. David Muriel Alonso - Geographer, Technical manager -  Local Development Service
Phone: +34983812481