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Pesaro, located in the central Italy along the Adriatic sea,  is a town with more than 94.000 inhabitants. Covering an area of 126,77  km2, Pesaro is the second city of the Marches by population

While in Pesaro’s hinterland there are many Small and medium-sized enterprises “SMEs”which belong to the Furniture Cluster, the coast is tourism oriented. In the Municipal structure (which counts about 850 people) there is the Environmental Department which counts 8 figures involved in the promotion of environmental aspects: energy town planning, sustainable mobility; local public transport; urban green areas and forestation; environmental communication. 

The Municipality promoted policies and programmes to improve the quality of urban environment: the “Municipal Energy and environmental Programme”,  the “Municipal Cycle Tracks Network Plan”, the “Municipal Plan for a sustainable moving form house to work”. All of these programmes were put in place with hard and soft measures.

Since 2008 the Municipality has an Energy Office with its Info Point which the main purpose is to promote and apply energy policy like the introduction of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency actions not only in the all standard activities of the Municipality (Town Planning Department,  Public Construction Department) but also in its territorial community.

The Municipality of Pesaro also provides education programs to promote walking, bicycling and local public transport.

Pesaro plays a key role in the achievement of the EU’s energy and climate throughout its commitment in the Covenant of Mayors. In 10/12/2012  the Municipality of Pesaro signed its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and focused strategic actions to take in order to reach its commitments in 2020.


Ms. Annarita Santilli - Energy Manager Environmental Department
Municipality of Pesaro
Tel. +390721387575
e- mail: