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The city of Salamanca has 150.000 inhabitants, which means the 45% of the whole population of the province (350.000 inhabitants)

The students who arrive in the city every year are also part of its population and they represent a floating population which is worthwhile being taken into account, as the university hosts more than 35.000 students and the Schools of Spanish have 20.000 foreign students. The metropolitan area of Salamanca also includes five towns which have a total amount of 22.000 inhabitants. Taking all these facts into consideration, we are talking about a total amount of 225.000 inhabitants.

Salamanca is one of the most important Spanish domestic tourist destinations. Its humanist tradition, the richness of its artistic historical heritage, the colour of its traditional stone buildings and its being a “lively city”,  a “living being” made it be designated in 1988 a World Heritage City by the UNESCO and in 2002 the European Capital City of Culture; nowadays, it has been held up as a model of domestic tourism.

A great part of the city life has to do with the University, its students and curiosities which give the city a cosmopolitan and contemporaneous atmosphere. This ambience exists thanks to the foreign people who arrive in the city from different parts of the world in order to study the Spanish language, thanks to the relationship between the city and America and the lively and continuous beating of the city; 24 hours of life and movement. There are two Universities in Salamanca: the public one, called "Universidad de Salamanca" with 30.446 students, an the private one, called "Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca" with 4.251 students.

Energy Plans

  • Traffic control: Department of Transportation. Note the screen room control city traffic. From this point remotely control virtually all intersections regulated by traffic lights.
  • Bicycle rental system inside the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The bicycle rental system of Salamanca "SALENBICI" has 28 bases bicycle stand with over 280 locks.
  • Urban light control. Platform remote management of urban lighting in progress. It is installed today in 50 boxes and we intend to install lighting in 472 boxes throughout the city. CITIGIS is the system that integrates on a single platform modules: GIS mapping, Inventory, Remote Management, Maintenance and Energy.

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Carlos Manuel García Carbayo

1º Teniente de Alcalde del EXCMO. Ayuntamiento de Salamanca