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Soma - Manisa Province District

Soma - Manisa Province District

Soma has a population of about 90,000 people and can be found in the Manisa province, Western Turkey

The town has grown around the lignite mining industry and the lignite-fired thermal power plant in the city. The Soma – Manisa demo site district comprises 7,037 m2of conditioned area. In general, buildings are heated by coal-based heating systems, where old-fashioned stoves heat around 70% of dwellings and only 30% of buildings are heated by central heating boilers with their own radiator systems.

Two different retrofitting strategies were implemented:

  • application of passive design strategies on the building envelope in order to increase the thermal energy performance of the buildings;
  • integration of active design strategies such as solar thermal collectors and monitoring systems for providing best indoor comfort conditions and energy savings