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Tackling air quality, comfort and energy efficiency with district heating

CITyFiED partner, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for installing and developing district heating for not just the Soma pilot site, but also the whole town. The municipality possesses the highest capacity of brown coal minerals in Turkey and a power plant, which produces 2,09% of the whole country’s energy.

As the result, there are some significant quality of life challenges due to air pollution from the power plant and domestic usage of coal as a resource of energy for heating by residents. 

The ministry of environment and urbanisation has classified local air quality as a “danger” and began the district heating network to mitigate these negative effects and take a leap forward in energy efficiency. A large number of Soma residents will benefit from the new network over the next five years and the authorities hope air quality will improve drastically as a result.


The completed zones are shown in red in the 2015-2016 installation session, and the purple, green and yellow lined areas has been started for 2016-2017 installation session.


Following an extensive feasibility study and planning stage, two new tenders for bringing the district heating vision to life have now been published and a third will be launched soon. By the time these tenders are realised, nearly half of the town will benefit from the comfort and economical advantages of district heating. 

The number of district heating subscribers is currently increasing quickly, fuelled by positive feedback from users and these new tenders. Furthermore, the system is Turkey’s first district heating system using cogenerative energy from a power plant as a resource. With a number of similar systems in the region, authorities are hoping CITyFiED and Soma success will inspire a number of adjacent regions to follow. 


10 October 2016