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Alby is located in the south part of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, within the municipality of Botkyrka. The municipality of Botkyrka has 87,600 inhabitants and more than 12,000 of these inhabitants live in Alby.

The district in focus for the CITyFiED project is Alby Hill, a residential area in Alby. The residential buildings in the district consist of larger blocks of apartment buildings, most of which were built during the so called ‘Miljonprogrammet’ during years 1965 – 1975. As many of the other areas built during Miljonprogrammet, Alby Hill included, it is now in great need of modernization of both building stock, especially energy efficiency, and outside environment. All of the 1,300 apartments in the district are rental apartments owned by a housing company, Mitt Alby. About 3,500 people reside on Alby Hill. The district uses Electricity and District heating.

The climate in Alby is an Oceanic climate (Cbf) with cool summers due to cool ocean currents winters is milder than other climates in similar latitudes, but usually very cloudy. The warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 17.9 °C. In February, the average temperature is -2.6 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. 





Mr. Bo Karlsson - Södertörns Fjärrvärme, Municipal Energy company