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Salerno is a fascinating example of what the Mediterranean has to offer all those who wish to have a closer knowledge of it. The town presents itself as a friendly community to visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Over the last few years the town council has improved its urban aspect and recuperated the social – economic functions of the area: ancient monuments and churches have been restored: new parks and gardens have been opened in various town quarters; roads and squares have been replenished with plants and benches and lit by ornate street lamps, many spaces have been retrieved for artistic, cultural and recreation activities; sports facilities have been increased with the building of new structures such as the Arechi Stadium. Many projects have been carried out to improve the surroundings and standard of living in certain parts of the town.

One can see the many traces of ancient history mixed with the artesan shops and places of entertainment where people throng, in the old town of Salerno which is both quite extraordinary and charming. The recovery of the old town was accomplished thanks to the urban project financial funds which have enabled the discovery of artistic and cultural treasure. Today one can read the town’s history merely by looking at the alleys and squares, the churches and buildings. One can perceive the course of events which have followed, a testimony of the flourishing economic, social and cultural splendour of the past centuries.

Nightlife takes place right here in the old town. The town hall has made the opening of many restaurants and places of entertainment possible. At weekends the many pubs are filled with youngsters till the early hours. In the summer however, people prefer the fresh air of the seafront which is just a few metres away. The coast is also not short of discoteques and places of entertainment.




Mr. Giancarlo Savino

Professor Gianfranco Rizzo