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Located in the southeast of Spain, Ibi has 23000 inhabitants and is known for the toys industry. Ibi is a reference, not only nationally but also internationally, for child and family tourism

The toy industry in Ibi has been a source of job creation and wealth since the early twentieth century and, without a doubt, has left a great legacy that has made it possible to transform this town into a very important industrial center in Spain. This development has created a diversified industry capable of manufacturing any product through all phases and industrial processes, from design, development of the matrix and the mold until the injection of the product, packaging and transportation.

Talk of Ibi is talk of industrial possibilities. The expansion of the industrial space in Ibi, and the more than two million square meters currently available are a reflection of the industrial capacities of the city, a reference in Spain and Europe.

Nowadays, companies in Ibi work in sectors as different as aerospace, food, chemical, machinery, automotive, cosmetics, toys, metallurgy, furniture, paper, health, steel, among others. This diversity allows our industry to be better adapted to meet any business challenge.

Ibi is very conscious of environmental issues and the City Hall works to conserve and protect its natural resources as well as to be environmentally friendly to reduce the impact of their industries.  In this regard, it has a Strategic Plan, elaborated with the citizen collaboration, to become more socially, environmentally and economically responsive.


Strategic Initiatives

  • Improvement of the industrial cluster. Several years ago, Ibi joined the REINDUS programs to develop its industrial clusters and reduce the environmental impact of the industry.
  • The start up of “La Casa de Los Reyes Magos”, one of the most ambitious and powerful projects to promote the image of Ibi as a toy and childhood destination.
  • Revitalization and strategic support to the industry of Ibi, improving the image of the industrial spaces and offering more industrial spaces for new investors.
  • Promoting employment, training and local employability.
  • Develop interior tourism ahead of traditional 'sun and beach' tourism. Ibi is making efforts in developing its tourism industry based on local traditions of toy manufacturing, handmade ice-cream and historical hierachy as well as mountain tourism.
  • Protect and know better the richness of biodiversity. There is an important biological station with a great plants collection -Torretes- maintained with the collaboration of the University of Alicante, a Biodiversity Museum and two natural parks -San Pascual and Carrascal Font Roja.
  • Implement a life project to save water and clean the industrial residual water. The aim of the project is cleaning the water and reintroducing it at an elevated point of the river for reuse.
  • Work closely with the citizens to define together future actions to grow more and be more environmental-friendly.


Ms. Loli Soler - Technical Manager Local Development Service.
Phone: 966551627