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Skåne Region

Skåne is the southernmost region in Sweden. 

Region Skåne is the main provider of healthcare for Skåne’s 1 300 000 million inhabitants and also answers for regional development, business development, public transport, culture as well as for interregional cooperation both within and outside of Sweden. The Regional Council is Region Skåne's highest decision-making assembly, elected directly by Skåne’s citizens.

The International Innovation Strategy for Skåne, launched in 2011, was one of Europe’s first smart specialization strategies. In this strategy three prioritized areas emerged: Smart sustainable cities, Smart materials and Personalized health. The engagement in CITyFiED is connected to the work with Smart sustainable cities which includes everything from energy and ICT to social sustainability. Skåne have goals to be free of fossil fuels by 2020


Mr. Wilhelm Ast - Business development manager, smart sustainable cities