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CITyFiED releases a series of reports and publicly downloadable deliverables

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  • D1.2     City Cluster Platform with 11 cities
  • D1.4     Report of model for evaluation of potential
  • D1.5     Preliminary report of potential for replication in 10 city districts
  • D2.1     Report on retrofitting of building envelope
  • D2.2     Report on suitable tools for retrofitting
  • D2.3     Report on methods for determining the optimium insulation thickness
  • D2.5     Report on methodologies for natural processes based ventilation systems evaluation and implementation
  • D2.6     Report on envelopment solutions characterization, diagnosis and optimization in terms of airtightness and thermal bridges
  • D2.7     Report on CHP control systems for reduce DH consumption
  • D2.8     Report of Self Consumption Control
  • D2.10   Configuration tool description and implementation. (Smart grid tool implementation)
  • D2.14   Report on the actual experience from the demo sites as well as experiences and results found in literature, how to visualize results, communicate information to citizens and influence their attitude about local production of renewable energy (electricity from photovoltaic)
  • D2.18   Report on district heating multi source management 
  • D2.19   Report on temperature level management
  • D4.1     Technical definition of the Spanish demo Site (Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, Spain)
  • D4.2     Technical definition of the Turkish demo site (Soma, Turkey)
  • D4.3     Technical definition of the Swedish demo site (Lund, Sweden)
  • D4.4     Implementation plan for Spanish demo
  • D4.5     Implementation plan for Turkish demo
  • D4.6     Implementation plan for Swedish demo
  • D4.7     Commissioning and test procedure for the Spanish demonstrator
  • D4.8     Commissioning and test procedure for the Turkish demonstrator
  • D4.9     Commissioning and test procedure for the Swedish demonstrator
  • D4.10    Procedure for assessment of the Spanish demonstrator
  • D4.11    Procedure for assessment of the Turkish demonstrator
  • D4.12    Procedure for assessment  of the Swedish demonstrator
  • D4.13    Monitoring program of the Spanish demonstrator
  • D4.14    Monitoring program of the Turkish demonstrator
  • D4.15    Monitoring program of the Swedish demonstrator
  • D6.1     Plan and agenda for exploitation workshops
  • D6.3     Template for exploitation questionnaire and interviews
  • D6.4     Exploitation questionnaire and interviews finished and evaluated
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