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Laguna de Duero, Lund and Soma: retrofitting of more than 2,300 dwellings in a variety of demonstrative scenarios 

Laguna de Duero (Valladolid), Lund and Soma are a set of cities, strategically located around Europe, which represent a variety of demonstrative scenarios of city level refurbishment in terms of district and building typologies, ownership models, district heating and cooling schemes and technological solutions for low voltage electricity distributed generation.

These cities will address a holistic intervention of district renovation, in line with the pillars of the project objectives (large scale demonstration, maximization of the replication potential, development of innovative and cost effective methodologies, dissemination). All of the main technological aspects (retrofitting of buildings, district heating facility and distributed low voltage generation) will be addressed by means of a systemic approach in each city, in order to achieve significant energy savings, very low energy buildings and very low CO2 emissions. Each location has its own entity with respect to the demonstration capability, because the foreseen interventions will be in depth, covering ambitious energy targets and providing very high replication potential.