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Lessons learnt

The lessons learnt and best practices coming from a project as CITyFiED are an important instrument that can be used for future energy efficient interventions with the aim to improve understanding among decision makers and providing guidelines to develop a virtual study or project for similar interventions

The main lesson learned in Lund demonstration site is that it is possible to cost efficiently retrofit old buildings to substantially decrease the energy usage without affecting the tenants’ ability to remain in the area. At the same time the greenhouse gas emissions are decreased.



The most important lesson learned regarding technical issues has been the decision of testing all the measures in a single pilot house before retrofitting all the other houses. This procedure has turned out very well, facilitating both technical evaluation and the communication with the tenants. Some measures in the pilothouse were changed for the other houses to get an even better result. Many of the most efficient measures are simple, like adding extra insulation to the roofs and to modernize the district heating sub centrals. Some other measures were important to test and evaluate new methods, like new equipment for the evaluation of the power quality.


Financial & Economic

Linero demosite investments in energy efficiency were evaluated from a life cycle cost perspective. Thanks to this analysis, the actions performed in Linero were compared with a theoretical Business as Usual scenario, in which only basic reinvestments considered as inevitable are made over 30 years and a Beyond Best Practice scenario where instead near zero energy performance was achieved. The purpose was to assess if a more ambitious way to manage and develop the buildings would be economically feasible. However, the study concluded that the investments made in CITyFiED scenario are the most financially viable option in the long term.


Regulatory & Administrative

The Swedish partners have established structures for working together to safeguard the systemic approach that characterises the project. These are a steering committee ensuring a high-level awareness of the CITyFiED actions and methodology, a communications group to speak with a united voice and engage with residents, and collaborative working days.



The most important lesson learnt regarding environmental issues is that it is possible to cost efficiently retrofit old buildings in order to decrease the energy usage and the climate impact. Many of the most efficient measures are simple and cost effective, like adding extra insulation to the roofs and modernize the district heating sub centrals. 

Therefore, taking into account that there are hundreds of thousands of similar apartments in Sweden only and many more in the rest of Europe that needs similar retrofitting, CITyFiED is a good example of how to save energy and improve city districts quality of life, and if the findings are implemented at a large-scale, substantial amounts of carbon dioxide emissions can be saved.



Social issues and social acceptance became one of the most important targets to be achieved along the project. Frequent meetings with the tenants were carried out to ensure high acceptance of the measures and to gain trust, so that it has been very important to include tenants in an early phase. 

Through different activities and tools (web apps), tenants became part of the development process and nowadays, it could be said consequently, that Linero’s tenants are generally pleased with the outcome of the project. 

Good communication and involvement are fundamental tools to foster community acceptance but the actual quality of the retrofitting is the most important part. It should be noted that the outdoor environment also is important for the well-being and the feeling of security.

These are some of the lessons learnt during the project related to Lund demonstration site. More information about lessons learnt can be found in the CITyFiED Best Practice Book.