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CITyFiED winner of the Smart 50 Awards

How The Project Transforms Three International Cities

CITyFiED is a project based on a mix of demonstration, renewable energy technologies and sound business models towards the sustainable development of cities. CITyFiED aims to enhance the energy efficiency of the city districts and provide a high quality of life to its inhabitants through a better management of its resources.

An extensive demonstration is being carried out as part of CITyFiED with the aim of maximizing the impact and replication potential from three demonstration projects in the cities of Laguna de Duero-Valladolid (Spain), Soma (Turkey), and Lund (Sweden). These cities address holistic interventions for district renovation. All of the main technological aspects (building retrofitting, district heating networks, integration of renewable energy sources and monitoring) are addressed by means of a systemic approach in each city, in order to achieve significant energy and CO2 emissions savings and very low energy buildings.

CITyFiED means the retrofitting of 221,158 m2of living space, involving 2,213 dwellings and more than 5,000 citizens. Another key objective of the CITyFiED strategy is a very ambitious dissemination, communication, and exploitation activity, in which a cluster of 11 cities has been created and properly integrated to maximize the replication potential of the project results. To maximize the impact and reach of the project results, CITyFiED set up a Community of Interest involving more than 40 cities and organizations from 19 countries.


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15 March 2018