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Sustainable urban development in focus

More and more people are living in the cities, which accelerates the demand for a sustainable development; regarding both the environment and economy, as well as social sustainability. This means that the cities need to develop in a way that makes it possible for its inhabitants to live a good life. Areas to consider are services, integration, building, meeting spaces, public transportation and recreational access.

Since a couple of years the IVL Malmö office is located in the creative and vibrant Västra hamnen district. The venture is part of IVL’s plans for growth and for further developing its R&D activities in the area sustainable urban development.

IVL is working in several large and often EU financed projects with focus on the renovation of old residential areas and the transformation of existing European city districts with high energy demands by turning them into energy efficient and climate smart districts. IVL has enjoyed a partnership with the City of Malmö for several years, in the form of a long series of projects centring on sustainable building. 

That work has now been intensified and we have also found partnerships with several local and regional partners. Sustainable building is an expansive area in which IVL has a lot to offer. Our strength is our environmental evaluations and our systems perspective – all strengths that are interesting for our customers, says Jeanette Green, director of the Malmö office.


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