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CITyFiED participation at the 3rd Congress about near Zero Energy Buildings

The “III Congreso Edificios de Energía Casi Nula” (III Congress about near Zero Energy Buildings) took place in Madrid, Spain, the 21st and 22nd of June. CITyFiED was represented by its partner Acciona

Legal, technical and management aspects related to the near Zero Energy constructions were discussed. More specifically the conference tackled the following topics: Strategies to promote the nZEB, Business Models and Feasibility, Design and Architectural Solutions, Solutions for the Construction, Systems and Technologies able to be integrated, Renewable Energy integration, nZEB in Building Retrofitting, Urban Planning and Regeneration, Use, Management and Maintenance.

The Conference audience included: Architects/Engineers, Constructors/Promoters, Materials and Equipment Manufacturers, Public Administration, I+D+i/Technological Centers/Associations, Energy Companies, Installation engineers, Users/NGOs/Land Managers, Universities/Educational Centers.

Partner Acciona was one of the main sponsors of the congress and took this opportunity to distribute materials and talk about CITyFiED.