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Mondragon Smart Conference - October 1st

A total of 18 cooperatives will present their technology and services in the MONDRAGON Smart Conference, an event organized by MONDRAGON BAC that aims to inform Basque public administrations and agencies about what the MONDRAGON companies and technology centers can offer in the field of "Smart Cities"

Smart MONDRAGON offers attendees the chance to know the most advanced strategies and technologies in the following areas:

  • Governance, participation and citizens,
  • Mobility and intelligent transport,
  • Infrastructure and sustainable building,
  • Energy efficiency and circular economy.

The target audience of Smart MONDRAGON are the different levels and agents of the Basque administrations related to the promotion and prescription of "Smart" projects and technologies. This means…:

  • Basque Government departments and partner agencies
  • Provincial Councils.
  • Municipalities, associations and regional development agencies.

A total of 18 entities have helped to structure the program of Smart MONDRAGON, which includes a series of plenary sessions and specific presentations on cutting-edge technologies developed by MONDRAGON companies and technology centres.

LKS will present "SMART: collective knowledge and responsible management" as well as the Citified project which is being developed in Valladolid (Citified), and at the end of the conference the Corporation will present the Smartencity (Vitoria) project, in which LKS is also involved.

In addition to the institutional public, MONDRAGON Smart will also be open to all the members of the Mondragon cooperatives wishing to expand their knowledge in the field of "Smart Cities".