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Smart cities solutions to replicate! Inspiring the move from plans to actions

Brussels, 16 September 2015

Tangible replicable solutions to replicate are central to CITyFiED, so it is no surprise to find a healthy relationship developing with fellow European project CELSIUS
Together with a range of partners an interactive workshop showcasing several advanced European Smart Cities projects will be held in Brussels on 16 September 2015
It will provide participants with the opportunity to learn from the accumulated knowledge and best practices from the CELSIUS, STEP UP, STEEP and CITyFiED projects as they push through their ground-breaking projects. Representatives from the European Commission, Eurocities and the European Investment Bank will also give their perspectives on the key role of cities in delivering the European Union climate and energy goals for 2020 and 2030.
CITyFiED coordinator Dr Ali Vasallo will contribute to a session picking some of the best smart city solutions to replicate.