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Sustanability is a joint affair

Salerno July 9 - Arbostella district

On July 9, 2015 our cluster city Salerno organized an event involving multiple stakeholders in the district of Arbostella, identified by the Municipality as the replication area of the CITyFiED model. Citizens, local businesses, professionals, public authorities and non-profit associations jointy participated in the presentations and discussions on how to transform their district into a sustainable, energy efficient urban area.
Environmental associations of  Salerno "Città Sostenibile" and "Legambiente Salerno Orizzonti", experts on energy effiency and sustainability, architects and engineers, representatives from the Municipality of Salerno and citizens debated about energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, new technologies, households' economic advantages and savings from group purchasing. A successful experience for all the participants paving the way towards the replication of the CITyFiED model for innovative future efficient districts and cities