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A new generation of energy efficient architects get CITyFiED

Activities in the Torrelago district of Valladolid have generated plenty of interest from engineers and architects from across Spain and Europe

In part due to the size of the intervention – 140,000m2 – but also because of the significant energy saving measures and innovative biomass district heating system. 

On 12 November 2015, a groups of students from the University of Valladolid School of Architecture, together with their tutor Dr. Arq. Alberto Meiss, visited the Spanish demo site to learn more in person.

Dr. Ali Vasallo introduced them to a range of technical issues, the main objectives and scope of the project and Swedish and Turkish demo sites. Beyond the technical discussions, the new generation of architects were also keen to understand the residents appraisal and engagement in the works – how it was solicited and at what stages of the process. A positive sign for the future co-creation of our districts.

Javier Martin and Oscar Hildago of consortium partner Veolia went on to give a detailed introduction and tour of the boiler room, including biomass silo, boilers, monitoring system, equipment, inertial tanks and organisation of logistics. The students were very pleased with the visit and it showed in their technical questions on topics from temperature of the fumes and water to treatment of the ashes and provenance of source materials.

Interest in the site continues to build capacity in a new breed of energy efficient renovation experts: another visit of students from the Industrial Engineering School has been scheduled this December.