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Accelerating sustainable urban renovation: a pathway for success

CITyFiED Methodology is an integrated approach divided into seven phases, ranging from initial citywide diagnosis to final evaluation of the renovation. It includes an indicators tool and guidelines to support decision-making process.

The third in a series of ‘info packs’ designed to unlock expertise and benefit local authority actions around Europe focuses on a methodology to accelerate urban renovation, which is at the heart of the project. Now available in the project CITy Space, it has been designed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts and subject to ‘real world’ road tests in three cities across Europe. Leading this is Spanish partner ACCIONA Construcción, strongly supported by technical research center’s CARTIF and TECNALIA.

Demonstration sites in Lund (Sweden), Laguna de Duero (Spain) and Soma (Turkey) are collaborating closely in testing and validating each step, as well as the input of CITyFiED’s network of over 50 additional cities. Cooperation and input from the demo sites was extremely important to develop the level 1 City Indicators. Indicators definitions were reviewed in terms of functionality, comprehensibility and availability of data, which was useful to make several refinements. Secondly, the values were calculated to double check previous features and define reference values. CITyFiED’s ‘Community of Interest’ and cluster cities have since been invited to test and give feedback in interactive workshops. Results and recommendations obtained from these activities are used to further optimize the methodology - make it easy to deploy and adapt to the particularities of each city and maximize its replication potential in Europe.

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21 November 2017