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CITyFiED Community of Interest member Koprivnica a source for INIFINITE solutions

At the end of last year, Koprivnica City Council unanimously adopted the proposal for establishing a revolving energy fund along with its strategic energy agency partner from January 2016. 

The initial size of the fund - seed money - is €20,000 but the city already plans to attract external co-financing sources and additional funds to boost the fund in the second half of 2016.

The fund will finance the implementation of energy efficiency projects that aim at a greater reduction in energy use and significant financial savings resulting from lower energy bills and maintenance costs. The fund is also expected to improve the way energy investments are planned, designed and implemented (e.g. preparation or procurement of energy-related documentation), to speed up and simplify decision-making as regards investments, and bring financial benefits.

Should be the start of a transformational year for this strategically located and ambitious city, which participates in CITyFiED through the regional energy agency. The city has been developing innovative finance know-how through the EnergyCities INFINITE Solutions project, along with fellow CITyFIED member Agueda, Portugal and many more European cities.

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10 February 2016