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CITyFiED enters into its last year: it’s time to show the results and to meet the goal.

At the end of May the consortium came together in Lund, Sweden, to catch up on the latest developments, align on the status of the project and pinpoint future actions. 

As the end of the project is nearing, it was high-time for the consortium to align their objectives with the actions to be taken in the future. Warmly hosted by the City of Lund, the meeting was a valuable opportunity for partners to assess progress of the project and to visit not only the Linero demo site, but also other fascinating areas. Discussions focused on fine-tuning the overall methodology used to monitor, present, and analyse results across countries, the KPIs, the business models, and the steps needed to exploit the project’s solutions with the help of CITyFIED’s extensive network of cities.

Members of the CITyFIED consortium had the chance to visit the Linero district housing area, together with some of the experts and technicians who contributed to its improvement. Two of the district’s blocks, Eddan and Havamal, are part of the CITyFiED project; they consist of 28 three-level dwellings built in early 1970s. Today they contain a total of 681 apartments with approximately 2,000 tenants. The retrofitting of Linero district focused on reaching a higher energy standard while maintaining its affordability for its tenants. The technicians gave a detailed explanation about the energy tools installed in the district, the technicalities used to improve the efficiency of the apartments as well as the whole process they went through for such improvements.

The team moved onwards to their second visit and saw Lund’s largest photovoltaics (PV) plan on rooftops, located at the LKF residential area Magistratsvägen. The 5,500m2 of PV can produce approximately 780,000 kWh per year. The partners also had the opportunity to see from outside the cooling/heat-recovery energy central at the MAX IV Laboratory. Having been active since 2016, the Swedish national laboratory provided scientists with the most cutting-edge X-ray technology for their research. As it requires a stable and carefully regulated temperature, Kraftringen, one of CITyFiED’s partners, built a plant that has an advanced cooling system. Thanks to its cooling/heat-recovery energy central, it recycles the cooled heat into Lund's district heating grid.       

Last but not least, the consortium went to the Örtoftaverket biomass power plant. Inaugurated last 2014, it provides district heating supply that covers 25,000 single-family dwellings (500 GWh), or 50 % of the total demand in Lund, Eslöv and Lomma municipalities combined. Approximately 310,000 tonnes of biomass per year is used.

The meeting was also an opportunity to meet some of the clusters’ cities, namely Botkyrka (Sweden), Ludwighshafen and Mannheim (Germany), Algarve Region (Portugal), Málaga, Palencia, Ávila and Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain), Sakarya (turkey) and Salerno (Italy). These cities have the highest replication potential and identified districts for analysis in the hopes of collaborating with other cities and implementing the solutions already installed in Lund. Also, the partners made it a point to sit down and talk about the methodology used to monitor and analyse the project’s overall performance - a very important issue that needs to be discussed at the end of any large project. Moreover, they shared their experiences and thoughts regarding the replicability and the market deployment of the project’s actions and the tenants’ behaviour towards energy efficiency.

The CITyFIED meeting turned out to be a fruitful experience as everyone saw the project’s rich hands-on experience and its potential in leading the energy efficiency and smart cities movement in Europe. It marked another great step for everyone involved. As you tune in to CITyFIED’s developments over the past 8 years, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.


3 July 2018