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CITyFiED Final Conference in Laguna De Duero

On 12th March Spanish partners held the CITyFiED final conference in Laguna de Duero (Spain). It was the occasion to present the final results and the CITyFiED legacy to public authorities and citizens. The European project CITyFiED has managed to reduce the energy demand and CO2 emissions of 5,000 residents of Laguna de Duero.

Laguna de Duero's city council and the partners of the CITyFiED European project led by CARTIF - Veolia, 3IA Ingeniería y Construcción Técnica, Acciona Ingeiería, Mondragón and Tecnalia - held a meeting on March 12 to review and publicize the main developments and results of the energy refurbishment works in the district of Torrelagor, which have now come to an end. These reforms, focused on reducing energy demand and CO 2 emissions through innovation and the use of renewable energy, have benefited a total of 5,000 residents and 1,488 homes.

The event was inaugurated by the Mayor of Laguna de Duero, Román Rodríguez, and has brought together local authorities, European project coordinators of 'smart' cities and representative landlords from the community, as well as experts in urban planning, building and energy. During the conference, the different actions that the consortium of entities participating in the project promoted in the urbanization were highlighted.  This meeting, held in Spanish, is the second in the cycle of conferences. The rest, to be held in Swedish and Turkish, will analyze and assess the various works in the CITyFiED project.

The refurbishment of Torrelago has meant the reduction of more than 40% of the total thermal energy consumption that is customizable and personalised to the needs of individual residents. In addition, it has been made possible to avoid the emission of 3,392 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which means a reduction in emissions of more than 90%; the very reason behind the project being selected for the Emerging Award Market in the Global District Energy Climate Awards 2017.  The CITyFiED project was also recognized last month in December, with the Collective Residence Prize in the framework of the seventh edition of the Sustainable Building Awards of Castilla and León.   The award was presented by the project's meeting organizers to the representatives of Torrelago's community of landlords.  


March 2019