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CITyFiED partner Kraftringen recognised for outstanding CSR efforts

Project consortium partner and key player at the Lund demonstration site, energy company Kraftringen, has been awarded at a prize ceremony in Paris, arranged by the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises, CEEP

The prize is given to companies and organisations, providers of public services that according to CEEP has made outstanding CSR efforts.

CEEP particularly valued the socially and environmentally sustainable renovation of the Linero a residential district in Lund, performed within CITyFiED.  Kraftringen’s contribution at Linero is both to reduce energy consumption in the area and to minimise the environmental impact of the remaining energy consumption by sustainable energy deliveries and renewable local energy production. As this is a socially vulnerable area, all measures must be cost-effective so that tenants can afford to stay also after the renovation.
“The challenges we face in Linero are found in many residential areas in Sweden and around Europe. With innovative solutions Kraftringen can assist property owners to cost-effective energy efficiency of existing buildings”, said Kraftringen´s project manager in CITyFiED, Liisa Fransson.

Read more about CEEP´s CSR Label at


25 November 2016