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CITyFiED teams up with MySmartCityDistrict as a way to leverage more synergy for greater replicability

The start of 2015 has seen CITyFiED sign up to a group of fellow Smart City projects under the name MySmartCityDistrict (MSCD). Three other projects all aimed at moving us towards a sustainable urban future make up the group that was set up during the course of last year. These fellow projects are EU-GUGLE, R2CITIES, and ZenN.

MSCD is a clustering initiative among like-minded projects in the Smart Cities field. It was set up by EU GUGLE, R2CITIES and ZenN last year and operates as a joint dissemination network and knowledge exchange framework. Its ultimate goal is maximise the replication potential of developed methodologies and share the combined experiences with other European cities. The network draws further strength from several of the project partners being involved in more than one project.

With CITyFiED signed up now along with recent member SINFONIA, the number of demo sites represented by MSCD has jumped from 14 to 20, not to mention the “follower cities” that are connected in some way to the member projects. For CITyFiED, this represents a valuable opportunity both for gathering data, information and know-how from others’ experiences and extending the impacts of its own work to other cities and districts across Europe.

The MSCD group offers the opportunity of joint activities such as workshops, web cross-linking, joint social media and events, and the exchange of best practices. The coordinators and disseminators from each project will piggyback on annual events in Brussels or elsewhere to discuss and manage the way forward for this initiative. It will embrace other projects from the field along with potential replicators interested in sharing knowledge.

All the projects come within the EU’s Smart City and Communities initiative and share the major challenges of transforming our urban spaces into smart cities of the future on a large scale. The MSCD initiative will provide a coherent outlet for such projects addressing multiple audiences.

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