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CITyFiED Visualization Solutions User Tests - Valladolid

Continuing with the development of ICT solutions oriented to support residents on energy consumption reduction, a series of user tests were conducted on February, 27th to validate the visualization solutions proposed during the design phase

These solutions are early prototypes or mock-ups that serve as testing elements before the final users (residents). The solutions are the result of several weeks of work and started with a workshop in November.

One of the main objectives of the tests, lead by Mondragon, was to measure user acceptance of the technological and non-technological solutions devised as tools to reduce energy consumption by means of awareness measures and the commitment from the users. The usability, the value of the content and accessibility of information were other testing attributes measured.

Several residents and people from CITyFiED took the tests. The testers had not previous knowledge about the solutions to be tested. Time was assigned to each tester to examine the solutions before answering questions to measure testing attributes. In some cases the tests were interactive asking users to look for information in the solution. The tests ended with a survey that will be used to evaluate user acceptance of the solutions with the main goal in mind (consumption reduction). 

The information extracted from these tests will be extremely useful to define the ICT platform, in particular issues related to monitoring and visualization. Although these tests were related to the Spanish Demo-site, the information will be shared with the rest of the demos, and both Turkish and Swedish partners will have the opportunity of deploying this step of the methodology in the rest of the demo-sites. Conclusions to those tests will be also transferred to the rest of the consortium.