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ERRIN group visits CITyFiED Torrelago site

A prestigious delegation of several Nordic and Northern European city and regional actors from the ERRIN smart cities, regions and communities working group visited CARTIF facilities this October. Their visit aimed to know more about CARTIF coordinated smart city projects and the mechanics of a large scale demo site in Torrelago. 

The group took a detailed visit of renovation works on 31 buildings of the district, taking in their noticeable new appearance after retrofitting, extensive district heating system and biomass energy systems boiler room.

Among the many questions arising during the visit, partner Veolia explained participation in this kind of project as an Energy Service Company (ESCo) and its essential link with a sustainable business model. Achieving this is a vital part of the CITyFiED methodology and results in work package five are already proving to be key in the replication and visibility of the project.

The visit underlines the project’s proactive approach to knowledge sharing and fostering replication, which is fueled by such meaningful exchange between different regions and cities of EU.


3 November 2016