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‘Food for thought’ with the MSCD Lunch Academy

During EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016 the My Smart City District (MSCD) cluster of 8 projects representing 25 cities across 13 countries came together to deliver five different online seminars in five days on key issues and challenges for smarter, greener towns, cities and districts.

Every day of Sustainable Energy Week 2016, experts from MSCD projects and external commentators from leading organisations shared real-life experience and challenges on key topics:  Finance, Citizen Engagement, Retrofitting, District heating & Cooling and Replicating success.

The format of learning at distance from projects with challenging questions from experts attracted 110 participants across the five days and generated plenty of visibility and interest in the project’s themselves. Recordings of the webinars are now available on the My Smart City District YouTube channel.

Dive into the content on these key city-specific themes:



Money matters, and energy efficiency projects have traditionally struggled to find their own economy to be attractive to officials, individuals and investors. Speakers in this session examined how to de-risk investments and increase communication. Practical case studies in offsetting, financing & instigating energy efficient renovation were complemented by our expert challenger from the CITYnvest project and Climate Alliance, who pushed on the issues of scale, investor attraction and entrepreneurial local authorities able to manage and leverage finance in a more entrepreneurial way.


  • Fabio Sagnelli, D’Appolonia
  • Terttu Vainio, VTT
  • Elise Steyaert, Climate Alliance



‘If people are the solution, what is the problem?’…. turning citizens from factors to actors is a hot topic right now, and about time! In Lund, Sweden knowing the residents meant changes to the communication style, ‘bundling’ different offers together to make the end result more attractive and incorporating resident feedback and concerns. Elsewhere, the presenters spoke about segmenting and understanding audiences and identifying motivations. With expert challenger Jorge Saravia shining the light on these dynamics for both individuals and groups in the community, this was a revealing session.


  • Linda Birkedal, City of Lund
  • Han Vandevyvere, VITO
  • Jorge Saravia, EngageCitizen



Giving a fresh twist and a dose of inspiration and effectiveness to the topic of retrofitting are some exciting initiatives in Grenoble, Amsterdam and Genoa. Discover an ‘open source’ approach – from tower blocks to houseboats – and how the power of neutral advice was harnessed to reach more homes. Learn about the social indicators and comfort value in an aging Italian icon housing development and hear some revealing questions from expert challenger Isabel Lacave. She pushed presenters to explore the socio-economic challenges, technical obstacles and assessment metrics to bring it all together. 


  • Vincent Revol, Grenoble Energy Agency
  • Annelies van der Stoep, Amsterdam Smart City
  • Renata Morbiducci, Genoa technical Unicversity
  • Isabel Lacave, Acciona, ECTP & BREASER project



Decipher the power of district heating and cooling (DHC) with testimonials from two leading international projects and their DHC powerhouse countries, Sweden and Denmark. With so much wasted heat and energy in our systems, both traditional and highly innovative new ways to capture, keep and share it is a welcome solution. Our speakers from the CELSIUS and READY projects explore some of the benefits and also clear challenges to this systemic undertaking. Charged with challenging the presenters and revealing the wider international context and environment for district heating and cooling in Alessandro Provaggi of the international innovation platform DHC+ and trade association Euroheat & Power.


  • Maja Högvik, City of Goteburg
  • Nina Detlefsen, Dainish District Heating Association
  • Alessandro Provaggi, Euroheat and Power/ DHC+



How do we turn early adoption success stories in energy efficiency and beyond into attractive, cost and time effective mainstream practices? Two projects leading large-scale smart city clustering, CITyFiED and SINFONIA, give insights into the tools and challenges of inspiring other cities to join the green revolution. Each shares a wealth of approaches in technical and non-technical issues to inspire and encourage. In this webinar dedicated to tackling the issue of replication at scale, My Smart City District was joined by Mariangiola Fabbri of the Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) to explore the issues further: why do cities get involved; how are productive relationships maintained over time and how can we measure and deem success?


  • Karine Laffont, Technoffi
  • Jeanette Green, IVL
  • Mariangiola Fabbri, BPIE


6 July 2016