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Future engineers and architects learning about innovation applied in the Torrelago demo site

Seventeen students of the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Valladolid, together with the responsible Professor, Dr. Ing. Antolín Lorenzana and Dr. Ing. Ali Dr. Ing. Vasallo, enhanced their Construction Engineering And Transport courses with a visit to the Spanish demo site on Thursday 3 December 2015.

As with another recent group of architects interested in energy efficiency, CITyFiED coordinator, Ali Vasallo gave an overview of the main objectives and scope of the project. In addition, some information about the Swedish and Turkish demo sites were introduced. Finally, a section of the discussions were given over to the importance of getting citizens involved in these kinds of projects from the very beginning.

The construction works of the renovation of the façades were explained in detail by 3IA Ingeneria providing information about the technical and logistical challenges of the external thermal insulation composite system installed.

Consortium partner Veolia went on to give a detailed introduction and tour of the boiler room, including biomass silo, boilers, monitoring system, equipment, inertial tanks and organisation of logistics.

Students were very pleased with the visit and some technical questions arose. Chief amongst their queries were the performance of the new building envelope, frequency of the filling of the biomass silo and treatment of the ashes.

CITyFiED is pleased to continue sharing its hands on experiences with the next generation of Europe’s energy conscious engineers, architects and urban planners.  


17 December 2015