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Make your life easier: a simple framework for selecting district energy retrofit strategies

CITyFiED has developed a way to assess and select energy efficient measures for buildings to be included in existing or new district renovation strategies. The replication framework outlines energy costs and calculations plus interviews and workshops to identify barriers and earn buy-in.

The ‘Replication Model’ covers a quantitative analysis of the current energy demand and supply, and potential technical energy saving measures by use of a district energy model. This tried and tested approach - used in 11 European cities - also includes qualitative systemic methods to investigate non-technological barriers and collect the feedback of key stakeholders on the types of business models used for regular or energy retrofitting. All this together forms the “CITyFiED model for selection of energy retrofitting strategies at district level” targeted at all stakeholders of the building renovation sector.

Developed by CITyFiED partner IVL in partnership with a range of experts from the project and assisted by hands on experience in the city of Lund, Sweden, this second in a series of thematic ‘Info Packs’ is now available to discover.

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8 November 2017