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Mondragon participates in EuroPython 2016 and presents a multidevice web-based visualization tool to show users their energy consumption data

EuroPython was the first major Python programming language community conference ever organized by volunteers. It started 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium, which attracted over 200 attendees.

Now EuroPython is the largest European Python, the second largest Python conference world-wide and a meeting reference for all European programmers, students and companies interested in the Python programming language.

At EuroPython in Bilbao, on July 20, 2016,  Mondragon will present the software in Python developed for CITyFiED.

Mondragon University’s research team is working on SmartCity projects where energy consumption of dwellings in different countries is being measured and analyzed. Two of these projects are CITyFiED and Arrowhead

In order to show users energy consumption and saving recommendations, a multidevice HMI, for interaction and visualization, has been developed using Django and Python solutions. This HMI has been developed applying a User Centered Design approach and responsive techniques (Mobile First and Responsive Web Design). The database, which stores the information, is accessed through a REST API (Django REST Framework), showing consumptions and their evolution through visualization javascript libraries. Users will thus receive information on energy consumption data through a webpage, in a simple and clear way.

Given the international scope of the projects, the HMI information can be displayed in different languages, taking advantage of that functionality provided by Django.


11 July 2016