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Mondragon’s Félix Larrinaga speaks about CITyFiED visualisation solutions at Smart Buildings Congress in Madrid in October 2015

In October, Félix Larrinaga from Mondragon delivered a presentation at the II Congreso Edificios Inteligentes (Smart Buildings Congress) in Madrid.

The title was “Developing and applying a design methodology for visualisation solutions under the CITyFiED project”, one of twenty select oral communications relating to the technological and business sides of smart buildings.

The congress brought together some 250 professionals ranging from facility managers and property developers to researchers and engineers, and adopted an integrated approach to the diverse themes discussed. The objective was to disseminate knowledge and to better integrate cross-cutting solutions for both new buildings and renovation.

During his participation, Félix spoke about how to communicate with users about smart building solutions. What information should be provided? Through what channels and in what way? How can we get users to connect with the solution? He went on to describe the methodology being developed under CITyFiED to address all these issues, which is based on User-centred design (UCD).

View oral presentation (in Spanish only)