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News from the City Secretariat

District heating & cooling explored drawing on experiences in nearly 70 European cities and municipalities 

This autumn, CITyFiED and CELSIUS projects joined forces to create a two-part webinar on resources, energy efficient buildings and concrete district heating and cooling solutions. The first session, on 24 November 2015, presented the alliance between the two projects and introduced the audience to the importance of district heating and cooling in smart cities and energy efficient buildings. The presentations can be downloaded separately online.

The second joint webinar, with the title “Tools for a smarter and more energy efficient future”, took place on 9 December 2015. Its main focus was the demonstration of how the CELSIUS toolbox and the CITyFiED methodology complement each other and a discussion on potential synergies that can be found between them. The presentations are also available on the CITyFiED Technical Insights section.

Future webinar content for city members of CITyFiED will include an exploration of business models in April and another on district-scale retrofitting techniques and methodologies. If for any reason CITyFiED members are unable to attend the specific day of the webinar, a link will be provided for viewing at a better time in the reserved CITy Smart Space.

Carrying on the discussion

These upcoming webinars and other activities will be presented in the closed Linkedin group, LinkedIn - CITyFiED Project Members Only. Members are invited to share news, views about CITyFiED project and their smart city plans.

During the 2016 European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), 13-17 June, CITyFiED intends to collaborate with the MySmartCityDistrict cluster to deliver fresh online webinars and news. Seven projects involving 21 cities from 12 countries have joined forces within the network in order to gain a greater leverage in sharing knowledge, promoting energy efficient renovation and the deployment of energy efficiency solutions. Take a look online or on the twitter account.

The CITy Smart Space: reserved content

Participation and knowledge sharing among CITyFiED partners and the cities involved in the project constitutes an integral part of the project. The CITy Smart space offers an exclusive, protected online area designed to host added-value content and learning resources for our cities. Here, you can access webinars, study tour reports, detailed overviews of fellow project participants and details to help develop a systemic and integrated smart city strategy. Have you registered yet? 


9 March 2016