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Sharing experiences in maximising smart city replication with the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) platform and actors

Supported by the European Commission, the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) is a continuation of the CONCERTO series of projects, started back in 2005. 

The new initiative held its first annual meeting of project coordinators this October 13 in Brussels, Belgium, where CITyFiED was invited to contribute to the “sharing experiences” program focusing on highlights in dissemination and communication.

Alec Walker-Love of the Brussels office gave a range of examples in “How to maximise smart city and energy efficiency replication” using a range of dissemination and communications ideas and initiatives.

This included the proactive approach of CITyFiED to reach out to citizens and stakeholders through the “Open House” initiatives during European Sustainable Energy Week. Attendees were also keen to hear about how the project developed awareness and a community of cities using Twitter and joint initiatives with other projects in targeted events using public relations, speaking opportunities, social media and exhibition presence. 

The SCIS scope now also focuses on the energy dimension of ICT and transport that already includes city buildings, building clusters and city districts, reflecting the growing importance of innovation in urban planning initiatives. CITyFiED will continue to contribute the new platform on both technical and communications levels - ensuring the projects work and results are easily accessible to all.

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