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Smart and fossil free district-heating part of further progress at Linero demo site in Lund

The process of renovating and rebuilding the district heating system at Linero in Lund is now underway. 

Although district heating is already a source of efficiency, the area's old culvert system has been leaking heat. By now delivering a primary connection to several properties, the heating system's energy leakage is hoped to go down substantially. With modern control technologies and more efficient heat exchangers, energy consumption will be further reduced. Smart heating equipment also improves the residents' experienced comfort, as they will now be able to better control the temperature in each property, apartment or room.

In a major commitment many can only dream of, 2020 should see the Linero districts’ heat production from energy company Kraftringen be entirely fossil free. The feat is being achieved by working together with other energy companies in the region, replacing outdated production plants and taking advantage of residual heat from research facilities and industries in the region.