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Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2016

SCEWC took place the 15– 17 November in Barcelona – and CITyFiED was pleased to be present and active on the SmartCity Valladolid y Palencia stand.

This extensive conference and exhibition event was dedicated to a panorama of successful smart city projects, initiatives and innovative products aiming to improve our cities’ sustainable performance and enhance citizen’s quality of life.

CARTIF coordinated the participation of the SmartCity VyP association to profile smart city projects being developed in these cities. Apart from the municipalities, other private companies from this association participated in the exhibition as Acciona, Aguas de Valladolid, Audiotec, Collosa, COTESA, GMV, Grupo Lince-Fundación Personas, Iberdrola, Nertatec, Repsol, Smarkia, Syltec, Urbaser y Veolia. R2CITIES, CITyFiED and REMOURBAN FP7 and H2020 EU projects all had a role in the stand.

The Smart City VyP stand highlight was a series of interactive workshop discussions to share smart city solutions, activities and projects. These were organized around the themes of environment, smart citizens, mobility, lighthouse projects and energy efficiency.

Sergio Sanz of CARTIF gave a presentation outlining the evolution of first, second and prospective generation smart cities projects with CITyFiED and R2CITIES as examples and Cristina Criado Camargo of Acciona lead a discussion on the heart of CITyFiED – “An Innovative, Integrated and Open Methodology for Near Zero Energy Renovations of Existing Residential Districts”.

This second session outlined aspects and targets of the CITyFiED project to contextualize the methodology strategy before exploring the main pillars, stakeholder involvement, strategic areas and required tools and recommendations of the approach. The methodology has seven phases and Ms. Camargo illustrated example procedures and applications of the work so far. Finally, she stressed the importance of demo sites, including Valladolid, and the project ‘City Cluster’ to validate and apply the Methodology – and ensure its replicability.

CITyFiED will continue this development and validation process throughout the project, ending 2019, creating an extensively tested and powerful approach for improving Europe’s energy efficiency.


14 December 2016