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Touch the tangible and discover energy efficiency excellence in person: CITyFiED Study Tour

City members and consortium experts set to discover pioneering Ludwigshafen and neighbouring Mannheim 30 November – 1 December 2017 

CITyFiED study tours are an exceptional opportunity to discuss and discover energy efficiency excellence – and how to get there quicker! Participants from cities and energy agencies across Europe will work on retrofitting strategies at district level to make substantial gains in energy performance needed to improve efficiency and tackle climate change.

Ludwigshafen is developing an excellent program of energy-oriented city refurbishment, as Klaus Dillinger, deputy mayor for Building, Environment and Transport in the city of Ludwigshafen details. Programmed visits with technical and political experts will take in a wide range of initiatives, ensuring everyone will return home with a number of fresh insights and ideas:


  • The Hohenzollern Building Complex – and energy efficient renovation of 200 dwellings in protected historical buildings.
  • Large scale retrofitting at Karlsbader-Straße, a construction site where 19 buildings with 264 flats are currently being retrofitted
  • Local energy supplier TWL will show a recently built power-to-heat plant, which uses excess energy from wind power stations to avoid shutting turbines or solar power stations in case of grid overload
  • A municipal drainage office which operates an installation for heat recovery from wastewater
  • An energy efficient retrofitted art museum
  • Panel discussion on “Planning and management of energy renovation projects”
  • Presentation of the pioneering modernization of the BASF Wohnen & Bauen neighbourhood in Ludwigshafen that has assembled over 10 years of long-term holistic monitoring data
  • Details of the CITyFiED methodology for sustainable urban renovation


All members of the CITyFiED City Cluster and Community of Interest have received detailed invitations. If any city representatives or appropriate energy agency experts would like to join this event, please see more details about becoming a project member and come along!


13 September 2017