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Transformation works powering ahead in Torrelago

Works update from the 140,000m2 site, with renovation and retrofitting set to achieve 38% energy savings and nearly 60% renewable energy solutions. 

Real progress on the ground in Spain, where retrofitting interventions in Phase I of the district - 12 of 31 buildings – have been successfully completed. Partner and architects 3IA are now working to achieve the same results renovating a further 19 buildings in Phase II. Things have been advancing well and as of early September 2016, eight of the buildings have been already insulated using an ETICS solution.

Introduction of a district heating system under VEOLIA’s leadership has been not only been a technical highlight, but also generated lots of interest in new energies. In-line with the retrofitting, the system is serving the 12 buildings of phase I with works now installing manifolds and individual smart heat meters in all dwellings of Phase II. Ten of the buildings are completed and the works continue in the other nine. Renovating the substations for this phase has already begun and integration of both phases I and II in the same multi-source district heating (i.e. biomass, natural gas and CHP) will begin soon as well. 

Tying these pillars of works together is the development of a smarter grid. As such, definition and installation of a CHP solution in the boilers room is planned for October 2016 and the local monitoring platform is now fully operational. Installation of HEMS equipment in 30 selected dwellings to monitor electric consumption of different home appliances is also underway this autumn. The Spanish and European project partners are looking forward to the first results and analysis of real-life energy use to engage with residents and drive truly sustainable behavior change alongside the technical innovations.

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Photo credits: Isabel Martín

26 September 2016