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City Cluster

A community of cities closely connected to the CITyFiED consortium to assure the replication potential of the CITyFiED results

The CITyFiED cluster of cities represents a community of cities closely connected to the project consortium. The purpose of this cluster is to assure, from the very beginning of the project, the replication potential of the CITyFiED results based on proven technologies and measures to achieve near zero energy districts, on cities having either similar or alternative typologies than the represented by the project demo sites, Laguna-Valladolid, Soma and Lund.

In view of this, each City Cluster city has selected a district of their city and will provide both quantitative (such as, estimated energy consumption in kWh/m2) and qualitative data (such as, type of ownership of the buildings of the district) to conduct a targeted virtual study carried out by the CITyFiED consortium. This will help each city acknowledge the benefits that the CITyFiED methodology can bring to its district in terms of energy savings and improvement in living quality.

The selection process of the 11 cities has ended and the City Cluster, representing the group of European cities with the highest replication potential of the CITyFiED technical retrofitting model, has been finalised.

Visit the CITyFiED City Cluster members section.


News from the City Secretariat

Raising awareness, building knowledge & sharing ideas online

In December the City Secretariat organized its first webinar for interested parties from the CITyFiED City Cluster and Community of Interest. The theme for the webinar was to introduce the three demo sites and give an opportunity to clarify the planned interventions of each site. Presenters from Lund, Laguna de Duero and Soma did an excellent job describing the challenges, opportunities and ambitions of each respective site. The webinar was recorded and can be viewed again by project members in the protected online ‘CITy Smart’ space.

The possibility of arranging webinars gives us a superb opportunity to share the information generated by the project.  It is an easy and cost effective way to inform and educate and it also gives the  participants the flexibility to attend live or afterwards, whatever fits into their schedule. The opportunity to ask your questions live through the chat function is something that I hope will be of even more use in coming webinar, since I think questions asked live can bring an even better understanding of the project for all the participants.” - City Secretariat Manager, Maria Kardborn

With this introductory session accomplished, plans for a series of lively and more detailed webinars are underway and will be announced to the City Cluster and Community of Interest ahead of their scheduled dates.


Congratulations Málaga!

The City Secretariat would like to congratulate city cluster member Málaga for winning a prestigious Eurocities award this January. The prize is awarded to projects that have shown themselves to be cooperative, innovative and participative in their work towards energy efficiency.

The energy refurbishment of the ‘Los Limoneros’ social housing building made up of 140 apartments was lauded as an example in citizen engagement and retrofitting – bringing residents, property owners and city council staff together whilst improving the buildings energy classification two levels.

A short film of the project can be discovered online.


All set for Turkey

Plans are being made for the first city focused workshop and study tour in Soma, Turkey 24-26 March. The CITyFiED project supports participation in ‘hands on’ activities of the project for its City Cluster members and Board of Representatives – including travel and accommodation costs.

In the first of three such events, a workshop will focus on introducing the energy assessment and replication model, the overall CITyFiED methodology and the rapid exploitation and take up of technical solutions and business models. An accompanying study tour will visit the Soma demo site in the presence of technical, political and financial stakeholders