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Welcome to the first issue of the City Watch newsletter from the CITyFiED project!
We will be reporting from the project’s City Cluster and Community of Interest every six months, bringing you the latest developments in our work to design sustainable energy solutions for city renovation at district level.


At the core we have the three demonstration districts where the work will be performed - Lund (Sweden), Soma (Turkey) and Laguna de Duero-Valladolid (Spain).

These are followed by 11 replication cities that have been picked to ensure the replication potential of the CITyFiED results. And then, further afield there will be some forty cities within a Community of Interest that will be invited to benefit from specific actions in a bid to further leverage CITyFiED goals.

The three demo sites tackle the same challenges on how to retrofit existing buildings, improve district heating networks and smart grids to better energy performance standards. With the sites located in three different environments and three different approaches to reach the goals set, we will be able to show many solutions that will be useful in diverse situations. For instance in Lund we are doing the retrofitting in stages where we learn from each stage what works very well and what works less well. This will go on to be part of our methodology to be applied elsewhere.

This CITyW@tch newsletter will take up these issues and produce a “ripple effect”, circulating information from the cities to the cities. It comes at a time when we are looking ahead to the first workshops and meetings due to take place in Soma in March. These events will offer valuable face time and the opportunity to better understand the concepts and achievements of CITyFiED. There will be many different people attending, building experts, energy experts, visualisation masters etc. and we are keen to orchestrate their skills and expertise to drive our project forward with maximum leverage.

In this issue we will be taking a look at new developments in our demo cities Lund, Soma and Laguna de Duero-Valladolid and we will explain in more detail the City Cluster and the Community of Interest.


Markus Paulsson
City of Lund and Coordinator of CITyFiED demo sites