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A green revolution in the heart of Spain

Today, buildings represent the sector with the highest energy consumption in Europe, covering almost 40 % of the energy demand.

Experts believe that by 2030 more than 6 billion people will live in urban areas, which means 70% of global population. It is about time that cities make their buildings smarter: more efficient, green and livable.

In 2014 scientists, engineers and building enterprises of the European project “CITyFiED” have started to give Torrelago, a district of Laguna de Duero, in the Spanish province of Valladolid, a green makeover.

It is one of the biggest districts in projects of this kind and will be completed in 2017. The retrofitting works contain a new central heating system fuelled with biomass and a new insulation system for the façades, that can reduce the CO2 emissions by 70%.

The hope of the Cityfied project is that these promising results will motivate other cities to change their energy policies as well.

April 2015