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Engaged, informed and mobile citizens in Agueda, Portugal

The Municipality of Agueda has been busy bringing exciting new initiatives around mobility and information technologies as part of their Local 21 and Covenant of Mayors commitments and strategies.

The beAgueda project is an innovative pilot project of sustainable mobility, implemented by the Municipality of Águeda with the aim of encouraging citizens to use public electric bicycles in their daily commuting, due to the city’s altimetry uninviting to the use of the bicycle. The shared-use project electric bicycles have already been a hit, with a prize awarded by the European association Energy Cities.

Keeping citizens informed with timely and accurate information about services, their consumption and the environment is an ambitious task and citizen engagement action. To meet the challenge, Agueda have developed Information for Citizen (I4C), an online platform that provides processed information about the city in different areas (environment, employment, education, security, tourism, etc.) depending on what the Municipality aims to share.

Such a project obviously has its technical complexities; but today, citizens can use a mobile device or computer, citizens to access updated information about their city and also exchange information with the municipal services, fostering a more proactive approach and greater involvement. The result: citizens are increasingly engaging with the city they live and an open data’ policy aims to ensure transparency.